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September 22, 2016

In a minute I’m going to inject a non sequitur into this post, but I promise it will make sense eventually.  Just brace yourself.

A Facebook friend of mine recently posted a story about the election and the unpleasantness that surrounds it with the comment, “What’s happ...

June 24, 2015

 In the last week in Cincinnati, a guy ran out onto the interstate in only a pair of shorts and flung himself at trucks until one of them killed him.  Another guy went out and got into a gun battle with the police so that he could die, and unfortunately took a cop with...

January 26, 2015

 Today's blog, more than most, is an exercise in futility.  I want to communicate an idea to you, an endeavor that is doomed before I begin.


In today's world, communication can happen quicker than ever before in human history.  I type my words here and press "Post...

January 19, 2015

They say a magician NEVER reveals the secret.


Magicians love secrets, especially knowing them.  We love thinking we're smarter than everyone else in the room.  We giggle to ourselves about it, in fact.  We love to smirk when people say, "How did you DO that?"  We...

December 15, 2014

When I show my writings, my drawings, or even my magic to people they will (I hope) admire it, and then they'll often say something like:


"Gee, I wish I was creative."


The assumption they make is that creativity is a binary state, a condition that either exist...

December 5, 2014

Once upon a time, I ran a fantasy rpg campaign (GURPS, of course!) set in the capital city of a great empire called Daedalos.  This is the journal and newsletter of that campaign, which ran off and on for about ten years.


As I recall, the main influence on this ca...

December 1, 2014

Do you ever feel joy?


Family legend has it that my mother, heavily pregnant, went to a concert of classical music.  When they played Beethoven's immortal Ode to Joy, the child in her belly (spoilers: me) roused, kicking in time with the music.  I first heard this s...

November 3, 2014

Mission Control, this is Ticonderoga 2;  we are go for creative launch.  Commencing countdown at T minus 4…


4...) FUEL PUMPS ARE GO.  Everyone knows that without fuel, a rocket just sits on the launch pad like a high-tech grain silo.  The same is true for cre...

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