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September 22, 2016

In a minute I’m going to inject a non sequitur into this post, but I promise it will make sense eventually.  Just brace yourself.

A Facebook friend of mine recently posted a story about the election and the unpleasantness that surrounds it with the comment, “What’s happ...

June 24, 2015

 In the last week in Cincinnati, a guy ran out onto the interstate in only a pair of shorts and flung himself at trucks until one of them killed him.  Another guy went out and got into a gun battle with the police so that he could die, and unfortunately took a cop with...

June 16, 2015


Last night, the former governor of Florida announced (as though it was a surprise) that he intended to run for the office of President of the United States. Last night, the former governor of Florida doomed me to an existence of perpetual explanation.


I don't care abo...

April 29, 2015

Tell you a funny story.


This old man has two daughters, see?  One is beautiful, demure, obedient and everybody wants to marry her, while the other is loud, opinionated, strong-willed—your basic nightmare.  So the old man sets up an arranged marriage for the “shrew” dau...

February 13, 2015

 Like many pasty white geeks, I learned my "English Accent" from countless repetitions of Monty Python sketches and movie bits.  I also learned my Scottish, Irish, and Australian accents from the Pythons.  Since then I have become a man of a thousand accents--all of th...

January 12, 2015

Republican or Democrat?  Doesn't matter.

Liberal or Conservative?  Who cares?

Whig or Tory?  Do you even know what that means?


The only--THE ONLY--issue you should consider is the name of the probable candidate for President who once served as governor of Florid...

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