Getting Fancy

Here's where I played around with the borders and the elements a little.  The card shape in each sketch is actually from tracing a card, so you can see relative size between them.  Naturally, you wouldn't see this in the finished piece. I would probably do the final artwork at 5" x 7", which is proportional to poker card size.


By the way, in the second sketch here, that flying blob is supposed to be a zombie ball in performance.  Not sure if that comes across.

Cleaner Style

In case the other sketches looked too busy, I tried this cleaner style. I kind of like the book plate that's also a book. Also, a note about the lettering.  During the final drawing, I'll settle on a lettering style and hand-draw it, unless you have a font that you would like me to use.  All the lettering here is quick and dirty. (ooh, baby!)

First Impressions

These are the first things that came to mind when I started doodling on the project. Some things I'd like your input on: how would you like the zombie apparatus displayed--with the armature? under the foulard? flying?--and the same for the chop cup.  Mouth up? one ball or two? You'll see that I used Beyond Zombie as a book title--any others you might like to include?

The Bookplate Project

Initial Sketches for Mike Rose





The Brack of All Trades


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