Original Sketch

The illustration at right reflects the requested changes:

--Addition of a westbound left turn arrow in the shared lane.

--Moving the eastbound left turn arrow farther northward.

--Removing the second cyclist on the west side of the street.

In addition, I added another car in the southbound lane. Removing the cyclist made the street look empty.

Revised Sketch

Since I presented the original sketch, I have met with Lynn and Terry, who gave me reference material about the traffic signals, the road width, and the lane markings. The revised sketch reflects these changes and puts them closer to the correct scale. I also added more pedestrians and changed the number, position, and types of vehicles on the road as we discussed, as well as removing the utility poles. 

Below I have included the other original sketches for completeness.

Pike looking northeast, elevated
Looking southeast, elevated
Looking south, street level

The Brack of All Trades


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