• Jeb Brack

It’s out of our hands now. The votes are being cast, and we probably won’t know the result for a while. No matter what the outcome, however, do you know what happens tomorrow?

More work.

We are not finished. We never will be. We have to tear off the calendar page, pull ourselves up and get out there and do the work. People depend on us. The world will continue, and even if we were triumphant, the work is not finished.

So have a drink, hug your loved ones, get a good night’s sleep, whatever you need to recharge.

Then tomorrow, let’s get to it.

Thanks for sharing Inktober with me. Let's hope the next one can be as frivolous and inconsequential as possible.

  • Jeb Brack

This is it. There’s nothing more to be said. Tomorrow is your last chance to make yourself heard. Don’t waste it.

  • Jeb Brack

Inktober has “officially” ended. There are no more prompts to follow, except one: Go. VOTE. Everyone who planned to vote has already made up their minds, so now it’s up to anyone who wasn’t planning to vote. If you don’t, you’re voting for B, and shame on you.


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