Brack Arts

Custom drawings and illustrations

To the left is a time-lapse video, taken as I drew a portrait of my boyhood home for my father's birthday.  He sold the house recently, and the drawing is a reminder of all it meant to us.  What memories of your home would you see in a portrait?


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Cartoons and 
Web Content

Life isn't all elegant drawings of homes. 


These are images from my podcast blog and my own fevered brain.


Enjoy.  Or better yet, comission your own!

Sketches and 

These are pieces I've done to amuse myself and learn new things.  I post them here because I like them.


The Brack of All Trades


​I'm a freelance writer and editor.  I'm a podcaster.  I'm an artist and a magician and a game master.  If you need help with any of these things, send me a message.  If this is an emergency, then what are you doing reading my website?  Unless you need an emergency magic show or something...