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October 12: SLIPPERY

Maybe this should have been about the President's tax avoidance, but I planned it long before those revelations.

The Dakota Access Pipeline runs from oil fields in North Dakota to refineries in southern Illinois. Along the way it crosses under major rivers and part of Lake Oahe near the Standing Rock Indian Reservation. Its construction and existence were considered a threat to clean water as well as culturally significant Native American sites, so in 2016 the #NoDAPL protests began. Protesters were pepper sprayed, had dogs set on them, and were sprayed with water cannon in freezing weather. While construction was delayed, the Trump administration overruled the environmental impact process and expedited the completion of the pipeline.

In early July of this year, however, a court ordered the pipeline to shut down and empty pending an environmental review. Score one for the good guys, I guess, at least for now.

Water is life.

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