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October 29: SHOES

Empty shoes show up as protest symbols quite often, to represent people who can’t be there. Whether they’re kids killed by gun violence, or climate protesters kept home by the pandemic…that’s an awful lot of empty shoes.

But let’s think about how many shoes are empty thanks to the President’s criminal mishandling of the COVID pandemic. More than 200,000 (that’s TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND) people are dead, and not just because of incompetence, although there’s lots of that to go around. No, they are dead because the President and his administration willfully LIED about the dangers of coronavirus, withheld aid from states, actively encouraged people to attend rallies, bars, and restaurants, changed the wording of scientific papers in order to make them sound better, dismantled response systems and teams, undermined respected scientists, and promoted conspiracy theories and quack remedies.

How many more pairs of shoes will be empty by the time the pandemic ends…if it does? Every one of those pairs should be laid at the feet of President Trump.

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