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October 30: OMINOUS

The most famous image from Kent State, May 4, 1970, is a screaming young girl kneeling over the body of a boy shot dead by National Guardsmen. This scene took place minutes before that, and the man waving the flag, Alan Canfora, was shot in the arm in the same incident. Some of the guardsmen were tried for their part in the massacre, and acquitted, saying they fired in self defense. Nobody thought they would fire until they did; even then many thought they were shooting blanks. When the shooting was done, 4 students were dead and 9 wounded.

Today, no one on his side thinks the President is serious about his dictatorial ambitions. He's "speaking off the cuff," or "he's being sarcastic," or "he doesn't really admire and want to emulate the works of Putin, Stalin, Mussolini, or Hitler."

Well, I think he's serious, and we should not wait for him to pull the trigger to see if I'm right.

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