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October 8: TEETH

People protest for all sorts of reasons. It takes a lot to get me riled up enough to go out in public, into a crowd of people, perhaps in defiance of laws and law enforcement officers.

What are you protesting? Is it the murder of Black people at the hands of police or vigilantes? Is it the degrading treatment of women, LGBTQ people, or BIPOC? Is it the celebration of white supremacy or the deification of traitorous generals who lost a war? Is it the conduct and actions of a President who has flaunted the Constitution and decency for four years? Or is it the subversion of the very underpinnings of our nation, the threat of fascism come to our doorstep?

No? You’re protesting the wearing of a mask to prevent the spread of a virus that’s killed hundreds of thousands of people, because it feels a little uncomfortable?

Do you even see the difference?

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