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Frequently Asked Questions

Every website seems to have one of these. Here are the 10 questions I get asked most often:

1) What's your name?

It's Jeb Brack. I seem to get this mostly from people who don't know me, or the occasional elderly relative.

2) Do you know what time it is?

I do. As a public service, I have also arranged for it to be on your computer desktop someplace. Look in the corners first.

3) How are you today?

Fine, thanks, but please don't pretend like you're interested when all you want to do is sell me life insurance over the phone.

4) Do I have to go to school?

Yes. I've told you a hundred times, you do not have ebola.

5) Do you want fries with that?


6) Did you remember to...?

Probably not, honestly.

7) Don't you think it's time you grew up and got a job?

Bye, Dad. Thanks for calling.

8) What's your social security number?

Nice try, pal. Just because this looks like a doctor's office and I get vaccinations and physical exams done here, it could still be a front for identity thieves. You think I was born yesterday?

9) Have you seen my...?

Look on the shelf next to the thing.

10) What do you do?

Depends on the time of day. If you mean as a job, you should check out my website, It's pretty awesome and has lots of valuable information, including Frequently Asked Questions.

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